1) Take a short travel (Praga, Chodov)

2) Visit a monastery 

3) Get a real home, my own space

4) Read less books, be more tonic

5) Playing in the cradle and the chude

6) Do nice things for people, to strangers

7) Sit in a temple, meditate, get to know a Buddhist

8) Be quiet for a whole day

9) Make a newspaper

10) Learn sign language

11) Catch storms with lightning and thunder

12) Go to the cinema

13) Make a short feature

14) Go on a cruise

15) Bury a capsule of time in the garden of the parent’s house


17) Shout in the wilderness as loud as I can

18) Go to a salsa class with your partner

19) Carnival. I want to the Carnival of Rio!

20) Write a journal in french or english

21) Make my voice thin with helium

22) Pass the day without sight

23) Donate blood

24) Drink spring water

25) Present a show

26) Donate the things I don’t need

27) Keep moments for myself

28) Learn to skate on ice

29) Make a graffiti on my favorite street

30) I want a dog

31) Organize a romantic anniversary for parents

32) Sing in front of a large public

33) Read a book from the end to the beginning

34) Learn new things about business

35) Work in a wire factory

36) Leave myself painted! 

37) Recover my caramelized bronze

38) Learn English, German and French

39) Be part of a rock band for a day

40) Color my hair in the sun

41) Show open happiness more often

42) Change of style

43) To have a secret library 

44) Fly with a hot air balloon

45) Jump with parachute

46) Write a book that I will not publish

47) See reality through child’s eyes 

48) Send a letter far away in the world

49) Listen to the story of an old man

50) Travel without destination

51) Listen to the story of a young artist

52) Make a trip to Montreal, Canada.

53) To read in cenacle

54) I want to write a volume of poetry

55) I must definitely go to an astronomical observer

56) Go to a rock concert, or to a festival

57) Give up on television

58) I need #Earpieces.For.City.Noise

59) Dream consciously

60) See documentaries with archaeologists / Egypt

61) Sleeping in the train and looking at shades of roses all over the heavens

62) Meet one of my favorite vloggers

63) Read mythology

64) When I return to Turkey, I want to eat EVERYTHING

65) Hiking a 100 times

66) Swim at night. Outside. In warm water. While it rains.

67) Long rides with the motorcycle in the evening

68) To have an artistic wall of the house seems brilliant to me

69) Learn how to ride on longboard

70) Be part of a crew

71) See Romeo and Juliet (theatre)

72) Play an instrument

73) Paint and renovate the room

74) Read children’s stories 

75) Get a certification from Google

76) Dress up in a legendary character (Katherine Pierce, Jinx or Hinata?)

77) Swim with dolphins, diving + collect shells

78) Learn self – defense techniques

79) Practice climbing trees and jumping fences?

80) Get intruders to the prom

81) Dance on roller skates

82) Read all books wrote by Schmitt

83) Write descriptive emails about the narrative thread of your life

84) Lay down on the grass with dew, to go barefoot

85) Poetry Gala

86) Be brave 

87) I want to be a siren

88) Eat raw

89) Let’s go to a farm on weekends

90) Get married old

91) Make a gallery of pictures with a polaroid camera

92) Take my exams, all of them

93) Draw my life

94) Youtube

95) Paintball with Tamer

96) Travel to Monaco alone

97) Give up social-media for one week

98) Don’t touch your phone for 3 days

99) Live the most romantic love-story

100) Be happy

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